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Newsletter 1/2004 (15th March 2004)





Teatr Sabat 
ul. Foksal 16
tel. (+48 22) 826-23-55, tel./fax (+48 22)  826-84-22 

18th March "Broadway - Foksal Street"
It is colourful and dynamic show including the most beatiful hits from famous american musical comedies choreographed and directed by star from Broadway Barry Salone. The performance is relevant to both polish and foreign.

26th March " love"                                                       Ironic and funny story about ups and downs of show-business. It is a chance to show the Grand Variety - starting by can-can and finishing by present hot latin rhythem.            



Till 28th March
In a Norwegian Wood. Norwegian Art of the Last Decade

Zachęta Narodowa Galeria Sztuki 
Plac Małachowskiego 3
tel. (+48 22) 827 58 54; fax.(+48 22) 827 78 86

An important purpose of this exhibition is to create an open and inviting space for perception; for understanding and curiosity amongst a Polish public, presenting certain aspects of the contemporary Norwegian art scene. The works will rather emphasize on a certain range of themes, then on chronology. One curatorial aspect which will be of great interest is to exchange points of view for selecting the group of works to meet up with differences and mutual interests and knowledge. The curatorial strategy would be, on the one hand, to arrange a group of works that manage to show some “new” points of interests for a Polish public, and on the other hand to manage to link up with some tendencies that will connect the chosen works with a range of recognizable aspects known from Polish contemporary art.



15th March - 9th May
Rembrandt's Etchings

Zamek Królewski
Plac Zamkowy 4
tel.(+48 22) 65 72 170, fax. (+ 48 22) 635 72 60, (+48 22) 635 04 98

The display, which has been held in temporary exhibition rooms, is devoted to the graphic activity of Rembrandt van Rijn. Graphic arts, along with paintings and drawings constitute a vast part of Rembrandt's artistic output. Unquestionably he was a master in this field and up to this day he has been recognized as one of the most eminent European graphic artist.The majority of works presented on the display come from Rembrandt's Museum in Amsterdam (Museum het Rembrandthuis), which has also prepared a schedule of the exhibition.
The graphic arts have been divided into thematic groups. Along with self-portraits and biblical scenes there are following subject categories: Alegories, Fantasy, Mythology, Genre, Studies, Landscapes and Portraits. While visiting the exhibition you are cordially welcomed to a museum shop with souvenirs relating to Rembrandt's graphic output. Particularly attractive are contemporary copies of the artist's selected engravings. In a Polish version of the catalogue there is a short essay on Rembrandt's graphic activity and the history of the Collection of Rembrandt's Museum in Amsterdam. Additionally, one can find materials about the artist's life, illustrations and captions to all exhibits on the display. 

14th -19th March
Era Jazzu 

15. March - 19.00 pm Wrocław - Ośrodek Działań Twórczych, 
ul. Sempołowskiej 54A, tel. (+48 71) 348 30 19
16. March - 20.00 pm Poznań - Klub BLUE NOTE, C.K. Zamek, 
ul Kościuszki, tel. (+48 61) 853 60 81 wew. 237 
17. March - 20.00 pm Bydgoszcz - Klub KUŹNIA, 
ul. Gdańska 65, tel. (+48 52) 321 31 70
18. March - 20.00 pm Gdynia - Klub UCHO, 
Św. Piotra 2, tel. (+48 58)782-29-69
19. March - 19.00 pm Warszawa - Sala Kongresowa, PKiN, 
Plac Defilad, tel. (+48 22) 656 72 99

Era Jazzu is a serie of concerts staged both in clubs and concert halls. This year the final concert of Era Jazz festival, taking place in Warsaw is called Afro-Jazz Night. In Sala Kongresowa you can see OSIBISA band supported by Blood Sweet & Tears, Chicago, Return To Forever, Headhunters i Mahavishnu Orchestra. OSIBISA's music is inspired by jazz-rock, african and latin rhythms, jazz and rhythem'n'blues.



19th - 21th March
Internaional Dressage Competition CDI (indoor)

Hala Torwar
ul. Łazienkowska 6a

Organising Committee invited competitors from 17 countries.Competition includes International GRAND PRIX and International GRAND PRIX Freestyle.
Under the Honorary Patronage of the President of the Republic of Poland Mr Aleksander Kwaśniewski.


8th - 31st March
Pirelli Calendar 2004 

Dolnośląskie Centrum Fotografii Domek Romański
Plac Nankiera 8
tel. (+48 71) 344 78 40 fax (+48 71) 344 78 40

This year Pirelli Calendar was presented on the 12th November 2003 in Royal Courts of Justice, London. Nick Knight, world famous british photographer is an author of Pirelli Calendar 2004. 


19th - 21st March
40. Wroclaw Jazz Festival "Jazz nad Odrą"

Centrum Sztuki Impart
ul. Mazowiecka 17

During festival are competition and concert. In concert are performing Aleksander Mazur's Big Band and Majewski Quintet "Zamyślenie".


Till 28th March
Sea Baltic Glass 

Galeria Gotycka, Zamek Książąt Pomorskich
ul. Korsarzy 34, 
tel. (+48 91) 434 22 62, fax.(+48 91) 434 79 84,

History of bornholm's glass has started from a bottle of liquor Cherry Herring. Museum of Culture History in Ronne ( Danmark), has a certificate from 1847 confirming foundation of Glass Factory. In 1981 Pete Hunner, together with Maibritt Jonsson create their design, which is till nowedays called Baltic Sea Glass.Represented in galleries and museums worldwide Baltic Sea Glass reflects nature, true craft, care, and history. From Bornholm.


12th - 20th March
Piedmont: Cultural Forge

In March Krakow will be host to artists from Piedmont, a region situated in the north-western part of Italy, at the foot of the Alps.
The one-week-long programme to be presented in Krakow shall be our chance to become acquainted with the variety of Piedmont culture: artistic productions from various fields of culture, ranging from literature and art, via film and music, to comic, club music, and - last but definitely not least - cuisine. This is an attempt at showing the living contemporary art, enjoyed and praised by European public: a form of art that draws upon its own cultural sources, and at the same time enters the latest trends in European art.


From 8th March
Polish Regional Costumes

Muzeum Archeologiczne i Etnograficzne
pl. Wolności 14
tel (+48 42) 632-84-40

Museum over 70 years is collecting cultural works. This exhibition is presenting regional costumes from all regions of Poland.

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