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Newsletter 3/2002 (12th November 2002)

What is going on in Warsaw by night

13th - 30th November

13th November (Wednesday)
Gogol Bordello

Music: Ukrainian/Gypsy cabaret from New York performs.
Hours: from 20:00
Entry: tickets 25 zł
Address: CeDeQ, Centralny Dom Qultury, Warsaw, ul. Burakowska 12, tel: (022) 636-8300
14th November (Thursday)
Los Harendos - Son de Cuba

Music: DJ El Pibe de Oro.
Hours: from 19:00
Entry: tickets 15 zł
Address: Popartcafe, ul. Wałbrzyska 11,tel. (022)549-9285
15th November (Friday)
100% Techno From London

Music: Gizelle (Rebel Yelle) - Women-DJ playing acid techno.
Hours: from 21:00
Entry: tickets 25 zł
Address: Paragraf 51, ul. Wawelska 5
16th November (Saturday)
This is real

Music: nu jazz, classics, vocal grooves
Hours: from 22:00
Entry free
Address: Muza, ul. Chmielna 9, tel. (0-22) 827 7216
19th November (Tuesday)

Music: Karen Edwards and Jarek Śmietana
Hours: from 21:00
Entry free
Address: Dekada, ul. Grójecka 19; tel. (0-22) 8235558
21st November (Thursday)
No Jazz Live

Music: Sadowska and Indygo
Hours: from 21:00
Entry free
Address: Soma, ul. Foksal 19, tel. (0-22) 8282133
22nd November (Friday)
High Tech Session

Music: Schimek from Slovakia and Mechanix, Angelo Mike, Carla Roca and Levy.
Hours: from 22:00
Entry: tickets- ladies before 23:00 15 zł, others 25 zł.
Address: Paragraf 51, Warsaw, ul. Wawelska 5
23rd November (Saturday)
Innocent Wizards

Music: Jouse, deep, funky
Hours: from 21:00
Entry free
Address: Muza, ul. Chmielna 9, tel. (0-22) 827 7216
29th November (Friday)
Progressive Session

Music: Jerry from Sfinks, Dubble Decker, Charly, Jan and Leon from Dekadance and Mark Sound from Sentence.
Hours: from 21:00
Entry: tickets -ladies free before 23:00, others 20 zł.
Address: Paragraf 51, Warsaw, ul. Wawelska 5
30th November (Saturday)
Andrzejki Disco

Music: pure funk and disco
Hours: from 22:00
Entry free
Address: Muza, ul. Chmielna 9, tel. (0-22) 827 7216

What is going on in Poznan

23rd November at 6 pm.
Viva Club Rotation

ARENA, ul. Wyspiańskiego 33, tel. (0-61) 866 60 31

"Viva Club Rotation", traditional party lasting 12 hours with participation of Polish and European tech leaders, will take place on 23rd November in Poznan. It is expected that this party under the media patronage of "Gazeta Poznanska" will last till 6am.

Tickets to buy in Arena, Rock Long Luck till 17th November -40 zł, after this date - 45 zł.



source: Warszawa On-line
14th-15th November
The VII Session of Translators of Baltic Countries - Estonia

Old Town Hall
Baltic Culture Centre
tel. (058) 301-10-51
17th November
Exhibition on the occasion of Johann Uphagen's 200 years anniversary of death .

Uphagen House in Gdansk
Gdansk Historical Museum
tel. (058) 301-48-71
19th -25th November
"In two voices" - meetings with Polish and Estonian writers

Baltic Culture Centre
tel. (058) 301-10-51
22nd -24th November
Jantar Jazz Festival 2002
Etnic&Jazz Music

Music Scene Zak
Zak Club
tel. (058) 345-15-90
23rd November - 13th December
The First Gdansk Salon of Poster
Artus' Country-house

Gdansk Historical Museum,
tel. (058) 767-91-00
27th November
Baroque music concert
Arte Dei Sounatori within the limits of all-Polish tourné

Old Town Hall
Baltic Culture Centre
tel. (058) 301-10-51`
28th -30th November
International Conference "Therapy and Creations"

Old Town Hall
Baltic Culture Centre
tel. (058) 301-10-51


source: Mazowiecki Urząd Wojewódzki
29th November - 1st December
The Piano Jazzmen Festival

Culture and Art. Centre, ul. Łazienna 6, 62-800 Kalisz, tel. (0 62) 764 10 48

The International Piano Jazzmen Festival in Kalisz is one of the oldest jazz shows in Poland. The concerts on Kalisz scene gathered the most famous jazzmen from all over the world. Kalisz has been visited among the others by: Michael Petrucciani (France), Don Pullen (USA), Gonzalo Rubalcaba (Cuba) and John Taylor, Kenny Wheeler, Norma Winston, Stan Tracey Quartet, George Fame Quartet, Nikki Yeoh's Infinitum. Within the limits of each festival edition, there are performed 13 concerts and accompanying enterprises (mainly exhibitions).


Till 30th November
Photography Exhibition of Jaroslav Beneša

Culture Centre CASTLE, ul. św. Marcin 80/82, tel. (0-61) 853 60 81

Photography Exhibition of Jaroslav Beneša ( 1946). His works presented on the exhibitions in Czech, Poland and Germany can be found among others in: Gallery of Polaroid Co. (Germany), The Museum of Fine Arts, (Houston, USA) and European House of Photography (Paris, France). Since the 80s the artist uses huge-format cameras. In his works you can find an interesting for the artist problems of man closed in city conglomeration.


source: Mazowiecki Urząd Wojewódzki
30th November - 7th December
V International Painting Open Air

Foundation "Pomost" organises in Siedlce in 90 Poludniowastreet the V International Painting Open Air. The subject of this open air is "Act". The ceremonial opening of this exhibition will be held on 30th November at 5pm, and on 7th December at 4:30 pm in Regional Museum. The participators of this exhibition are among others from: Germany, Slovakia, Armenia, Russia, USA, Lithuania, Belarus and Poland


Till 15th November 2002
Africa - Here and There

Kinoteka, pl. Defilad 1, (entrance from al. Jerozolimskie, tel. (022) 826-1961

Bianka Madej and Marcin Brylski were travelling across Africa for 8 months. They kept their memories in photos that we can see on this exhibition.

19th November 2002 - 16th February 2003

National Museum, Al. Jerozolimskie 3, tel. (22) 621 10 31-4

The exhibition from the collections of Staatsgalerie in Stuttgart , of Musee Picasso in Paris, of National Museum in Warsaw.
The Warsaw exhibition will be one of the biggest presentations of Pablo Picasso's productions in Europe in the last time. There will be presented ca. 400 works of the artist. Picasso's collection collected in Staatsgalerie in Stuttgart ranks among the best ones all over the world. It presents Picasso's productions from different periods of his life - from the earliest works since ca. 1905 till the works from the 60s.
The phenomenal rang of this exhibition and its political aspect - for the first time Germany renders so huge collections accessible- let expect that it will be a very important artistic event in 2002.
On this occasion, National Museum in Warsaw plans to publish 2-volume catalogue. In the I volume-Stuttgart collections, the II volume - Warsaw collections and also monographic composition of Pablo Picasso's visit in Poland in 1948.

Till 30th November

Zachęta Gallery, pl.Małachowskiego 3, tel. (022)827-5854

Paintings of Łukasz Karolkiewicz, who graduated from Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. His works fascinate by a play of colours, light and shadows and are exhibited in many Polish and international art collections.

Till 21st December
I'm Living in Poland

Galeria Sztuki, ul. Krasińskiego 35a (Warsaw Trade Tower), tel.(022) 663-0842

Works by Bruno Bienfait and Andrzej Kalina.

Bruno Bienfait
He was born in 1958 in France.
He studied at the School of Fine Art in Dijon and in Aix en Provence, where he graduated in 1985.
He is keen on wood, which he uses to form his magic sculptures, bas-reliefs and unique furniture.

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