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Newsletter 4/2002 (3rd December 2002)



6th December 2002 - 30th January 2003

Art. Bunker, pl. Szczepański 3, tel. (0 12) 422 10 52, 421 38 40

Within the limits of cycle "The Great Artists of XX century" will be performed in Poland for the first time retrospective presentation of Louise Bourgeois' production (1911). This exhibition "Louise Bourgeois - Becoming Personal Myth" will collect monumental sculptures, installations and drawings from the all production periods of the artist. The subject of her works is expressed in the context of very intimate and personal reflections about the time, duration and the space, architecture.


source: Warszawa On-line
05-21 December
Christmas fair

Cool fair in Gdansk
International Fairs in Gdansk SA
tel. (058) 552-36-00, 554- 92-00
06 December
Welcome of St Nicholas

Long Market
Teenager Creative Club "Plama"
tel. (058) 557-42-47
06 December
Rock & Rollowy St Nicholas 2002

MDK - Music Scene in Gdansk
tel. (058) 306-59-35
06 December
Santa Claus race

Old Town in Gdansk
Public Centre of Sport and Recreation in Gdansk
tel. (058) 302-36-99
6-8 December
III edition of Dance Laboratory with participation of Iwona Olszowska

IKA Club "Winda"
ul. Racławicka 17,
Artistic Integration Club "Winda",
tel. (058) 344 -90-53
07 December
Advent Concert

St. Nicholas Church in Gdansk
Polish Cameral Choir Schola Cantorum Gedanensis
tel. (058) 552-41-73
14 December
Benefis of captain Dariusz Bogucki together with the exhibition

Old Town Hall,
tel. (058) 767-91-00
17 December - January 2003
painting exhibition of Vilnius artist - Sierhiejewicz

Artus' Country-house
Historical Museum of Gdansk,
tel. (058) 767-91-00


Trace of Antique Egyptians
Archaeological Museum

Gorkow Palace, ul. Wodna 27 tel. (0-61) 852 82 51, 852 64 30,

In the Archaeological Museum you can see the only in Poland and one of some few Egyptian antique obelisks from XIII century B.C.. It is the deposit from Berlin Egyptian Museum. Poland has received it free of charge for at least 8 years. It is made of one granite block and its weight is 1800 kg. The surface of the obelisk is covered by inscriptions. It fulfilled an important symbolical role in beliefs and temple architecture in ancient Egypt.

The obelisk is a priceless relict which you can see till now only in Paris, London, Rome, Munich, Istambul and Florence.


December 2002

Centre of Contemporary Art., Ujazdow Castle, Al. Ujazdowskie 6, 00-461, tel. (+48 22) 628 12 71-3

Philippe Starck (1945), French designer projects interiors, furniture and objects of use. On the exhibition there will be presented 70 works of this artist from various pattern-designing categories. His works stand on wooden tables protected by glass windows (designed also by the artist). All of objects are accompanied by texts which are the author's commentaries to his presented objects. Motto of Philippe Starck sounds: Less means more.

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