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Newsletter 4/2004 (18th May 2004)





30 May, 7 p.m.
La Traviata.

Teatr Wielki – Opera Narodowa
Plac Teatralny 1
tel. +48 (22) 692 07 56
fax.+48 (22) 692 02 11

For 150 years now, opera audiences all over the world have been moved by the immortal story of the unhappy love between Violetta, a courtesan in Paris, and Alfredo, a young man from the provinces. The unusual beauty of the melodies, the romantic atmosphere and subtle colours of this opera by Verdi, have always been properly appreciated, and to this day the work is greatly successful at all opera theatres. This opera, based on "The Lady of the Camellias" by Alexandre Dumas (son), has been in the Teatr Wielki’s repertoire for 15 years, and is still greatly popular with audiences, for good reason.
In the original Italian
Conductor - Jacek Kaspszyk
Director - Marek Weiss-Grzesiński.


till 13th June
Pippiloti Rist.

Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej
Zamek Ujazdowski
Al. Ujazdowskie 6
tel: +48 (22) 628 12 71-3
+48 (22) 628 76 83
fax:+48 (22) 628 95 50

Pipilotti (Charlotte) Rist was born in Reinthal, Switzerland, in 1962. During the first half of the 1980s, she studied graphic design and photography in the Applied Arts Department of the Vienna Academy and video art in Basel. "I decided on video because it allows me to do everything myself, from the camera work through the editing. I like that about it. Video has its characteristic features, its own inner nervousness - and that is what I work with," says the artist.
The exhibition at the CCA at Ujazdowski Castle will consist of the most important films in the artist's oeuvre (Sip My Ocean, Ever is Over All, Open My Glade, Selbstlos im Lavabad) as well as two brand new works created for Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw (one designed especially for one of the castle's turrets). This is the first extensive exhibition of the works of Pipilotti Rist in Central and Eastern Europe.


till 20th June
Times of Wars and Peace.

Muzeum Karykatury
ul. Kozia 11
tel: +48 (22) 827 88 95
fax:+48 (22) 827 88 95

The exhibition is supposed to be the synthesis of all kinds of Polish Caricature from 1914 - 1939.The ammount of material which we could use was overwhelming. The daily newspapers and periodicals from 1914 - 1939 are full of satirical cartoons of various subjects: politics, social affairs, literature, film and often pure, absurd humour. Considering the modest space in the museum,and all the exhibits are originals, not the press reproductions. The criteria of artistic value was also used. The selection was difficult and in the end 250 exhibits were chosen. We tried to include all the important social, historical and cultural issues but some had to be omitted, given the lack of space. 


till 30th May
Tomasz Tatarczyk.

Galerii Sztuki Współczesnej Zachęta
pl. Małachowskiego 3,
tel:+48 (22) 8275854,
fax:+48 (22) 8277886.

Tomasz Tatarczyk is a thoroughbred painter infatuated by colours and canvases; he is a master of the materials and texture of painting and a restrained but outstanding colourist, concentrated on the nuances of black and white. The landscape interests him in its most fundamental and raw forms: hills and roads paths perceived as the expression of primal forces, of the magnitude and power of nature, raised up folds of earth, traces trampled into the snow, a pale light or the glowing light of the sunset. The artist’s works comprise cycles based around themes of the most simple kind: gates, saws, piles, hills, roads and pictures with a dog... Tatarczyk works in large formats, sometimes composed into triptychs: he is also a master of large format landscape drawings. The artist looks at nature with the eyes of a romantic, as a signal of divine presence, treating his art as the gift of the genuine penetration into the world of nature through a process of contemplation and observation. For many years the artist has been living in the countryside, in the surroundings of Kazimierz on Vistula, and the landscape of these surroundings is the theme and source of inspiration of his paintings.
The exhibition at Zachęta presents a selection of Tomasz Tatarczyk’s works from the cycles Hills, Roads and some others. In accordance with the artist’s suggestion we have bathed his pictures in a white and pure light to provoke the spectator to a careful contemplation of these landscapes in which the author cites a kinship with a selection of the great landscape painters of the past, and especially with Caspar David Friedrich.


22 May
Irish Picnic.

Pubem Olliego Morgana
ul. Sienkiewicza

This is second edition of Irish Picnic in Katowice. First one was organized in Tadeusz Kościuszko Park in May 2003.The organizers purposely resigned name festival and decided to call this event Picnic as it take place in spring time and it is not connected with any kind of competition.This year everybody are welcomed to take part in Irish dance short course and to listen to typical Irish music played by polish bands from Silesia region.


22-23 May
Galicja Blues Festival.

Krośnieński Dom Kultury
ul. Kolejowa 1
tel: + 48 (13) 432 18 98
fax: +48 (13) 432 15 71

Special guest of this edition of Galicja Blues Festival is world famous Polish trumpeter Tomasz Stanko. On the second day of festival will perform: Griff Hamlin – American guitarist and blues singer, Tadeusz Nalepa – composer, guitarist and lyrics writer, blues band from Cracow - Bluesmobile and many others.


till 6th June
World Press Photo

Centrum Kultury Zamek
ul. Święty Marcin 80/82,
tel. +48 (61) 6465200
fax. +48 (61) 6465308

The annual exhibition "World Press Photo" travels this year to over 80 places around the world. One of them is CK "Zamek" in Poznan. The aim of this contest is to encourage high professional standards in photojournalism and to promote a free and unrestricted exchange of information.
The international jury of the 47th annual World Press Photo contest has selected as World Press Photo of the Year 2003 a color image of the French photographer Jean-Marc Bouju of The Associated Press. The picture shows a detained Iraqi man comforting his 4-year-old-son at a regroupment center for POWs near An Najaf, Iraq. The picture was taken on 31 March 2003.

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